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Clarity Program

A result oriented process for your clear thinking and direction

Welcome to an inspiring and powerful program for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to gain clarity on how to integrate their desires and natural being with their work.

The Clarity Program is designed for you to make important insights about yourself.

To gain clarity on your passion and your role and learn how to deepen your understanding and purpose in work and life.

 Summary and results

  • Goal – you connect to your core and gain clarity in passion and direction
  • You make your most important Quest visible and conscious
  • Your tool is a collage on a private blog
  • Dedicated coach to support you
  • 2 months duration



Formulate your Quest

The Programme starts with  articulating the question which is of most importance for you and which will be your beacon in the upcoming journey.

If you had one single question about your life and your leadership, and you knew that you could gain clarity around it, what would it be?

It could take a while before you find your most important question, but when you finally reach the core in it and what you really long to gain clarity about, half of the job is done.


Your main tool in the program is a collage where you collect experiences and thoughts in your daily life which are related to your quest. It could be situations where you feel that you are in the state you would like to be in more often, or you could sense that something is a piece which belongs to the solution to your quest.

Your recognition of flow and passion is a compass in this work, which is both exciting and fun. You post pictures, clips, quotes, or other things which you find important and is key to your quest. Your collage is private and just for you and by doing it you build up a bigger picture of yourself. If it feels right for you, you give us access to your collage so we can follow your journey.


We are your coaches during the whole program and help you to stay focused and move forward. All of us have gone through the program ourselves and worked with our own inner journey and passion. We are checking in with you regurlarly, once a week or a frequency that works better with your schedule. Professional secrecy is applied.

Exit talk

After your program you will have an exit talk,  a moment where you share your journey. We listen and take notes which you will receive afterwards. It’s an important moment where you reflect over what you have been through and think about your next steps.

Foundation pillars which create results

  • The program is both result oriented and exploratory
  • Your quest will open new parts of you to yourself
  • The length of the program is set to allow important insights of yourself to grow
  • It’s for you. Complete focus on your direction
  • You get an holistic view of yourself
  • Your coach balances between listening when you explore and in clarity gives you feedback when needed
  • You will truly understand that when you are in passion and creativity, you have the most fun. When you are in your core, you also get most done
  • In presence, we guide you in your process, visit your blog regularly and help you to maintain your focus and energy.

During the program you have 24/7 service and support. This means that you can send your coach a mail anytime on which you get feedback within 24 hours.

Have fun and stay open in the process. Enjoy that you are giving yourself this opportunity!

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